Tales from Tala

When Monica Ngumi settled in her husband's ancestral village of Tala in the late 1990s, the East African town was awash in orphans. "The children were really suffering," she said. "They were very weak. Most were malnourished. Now they are better off, and their health has improved." Ngumi built a model, grassroots project, Mama Darlene Children's Centre, which includes a school, nutrition program, HIV/AIDS outreach and counseling and a Goat Project to aid local families.


  1. Tales from Tala
  2. Gilgil: The Survivors
  3. Esther's World
  4. Priestly Blessings
  5. Kibera: Nairobi's Underbelly
  6. Growing up with HIV
  7. Go Go Grannies: Africa's Well of Hope
  8. Mama Natasha and her Brood