Esther's World

Esther's mother, a cattle-tender, fell ill with AIDS-related tuberculosis when Esther was 13. The teen watched her mother waste away, nursing her until she died while caring for her three younger brothers in the family's tin shack in Naivasha, Kenya. After her mother's death in 2004, the children went to live in the Saidia Children's Home. Esther relished her first opportunity to attend school and ultimately was accepted to a highly respected training program in Nairobi for tailors. She now has her own sewing machine and the beginnings of a new business to begin an independent life.


  1. Tales from Tala
  2. Gilgil: The Survivors
  3. Esther's World
  4. Priestly Blessings
  5. Kibera: Nairobi's Underbelly
  6. Growing up with HIV
  7. Go Go Grannies: Africa's Well of Hope
  8. Mama Natasha and her Brood