Kibera: Nairobi's Underbelly

Yvonne Amale, a resident of Nairobi's notorious Kibera slum, was only 12 and her sister Tina an infant when their parents became sick. They had no medications or even sufficient food to sustain life; Yvonne watched helplessly as they died of AIDS-related complications. Fortunately, Yvonne fell into the hands of a local nonprofit, Kibera Hamlets, that provides support to teens like herself who are heads of households, caring for younger siblings. With the group's assistance, she has been able to maintain her little home and continue to pursue her dream of an education while keeping her little sister safe.


  1. Tales from Tala
  2. Gilgil: The Survivors
  3. Esther's World
  4. Priestly Blessings
  5. Kibera: Nairobi's Underbelly
  6. Growing up with HIV
  7. Go Go Grannies: Africa's Well of Hope
  8. Mama Natasha and her Brood