Mama Natasha and Her Brood

Maasai midwives in southern Kenya may lack even the most basic supplies for deliveries, including fresh water to bathe newborns. GRACE USA, a nonprofit supporting grassroots projects in Kenya, educates them about health issues and provides them with essential materials, such as latex gloves to help protect the midwives and their clients from HIV transmission during the birthing process. The organization, founded by Natasha Martin (aka "Mama Natasha"), is also sending 200 orphans through school.


  1. Tales from Tala
  2. Gilgil: The Survivors
  3. Esther's World
  4. Priestly Blessings
  5. Kibera: Nairobi's Underbelly
  6. Growing up with HIV
  7. Go Go Grannies: Africa's Well of Hope
  8. Mama Natasha and her Brood